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Narcissus Flower Alchemy Elixir

Featured Products of the Month

This month we are transitioning from the Birch Cycle to Rowan Tree Cycle in the month on the Celtic Wheel of the year that we follow.  We start our wheel with Yule and the Winter Solstice.  We just Celebrated the Winter Solstice.

Happy New Year!  Get your new year's resolutions and goals off to the right start with vibrational support.  We a whole new batch of freshly released essences!  Our New Lunar Essence is now available to order for the upcoming full moon!

The Quantum Balancing Crystal for this cycle is "Red: Root Chakra".  

There is also a new "Earth Star Chakra that is a limited-edition collectors' piece.  It is a great enhancement for deeper grounding during these turbulent times.

With Winter and the New Year here, Celtic Trees Birch, NEW Narcissus and Amaryllis Flower Essences are great to bring into your daily energetic routines in the new year and support new goals and new growth.

January Zodiac Elixir