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Under A Strawberry Moon Elixir

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Products of The Month

🌞 Welcome to the Radiant Realm of June's Summer Solstice! 🌞

As the days grow longer and the warmth of summer envelops us, we invite you to celebrate the turning of the wheel and the vibrant energy of the Summer Solstice. Join us for the Summer Solstice and Full Strawberry Moon Concerts—tickets are going FAST! Embrace the magic of these celestial events and let the rhythms of nature guide your spirit.


🍓 Solstice Elixir & Under a Strawberry Moon Elixir 🍓

Celebrate the arrival of summer with our Solstice Elixir and Under a Strawberry Moon Elixir. These exquisite blends are crafted to harness the energies of the season, offering balance and vitality. Strawberry flower essence connects you with the joy and abundance of summer, while rose flower essence nurtures the heart and promotes emotional harmony. Let these elixirs be your companions as you revel in the warmth and light of the solstice.


🌹 Special Rose Collection 🌹

June is the month of roses, the flower that symbolizes love, beauty, and grace. We are delighted to offer a special collection of rose essences and products. Our rose flower essences are designed to open the heart, soothe emotional wounds, and promote feelings of love and compassion. Explore our exclusive collection and let the gentle power of roses enhance your summer experience.


🌑 New Black Moonstone Elixir 🌑

Introducing our latest addition: the Black Moonstone Elixir. This elixir harnesses the deep, grounding energies of black moonstone, known for its ability to enhance intuition and emotional healing. Use this elixir to support inner transformation and to navigate the summer's vibrant energies with grace and clarity.


🌿 Jewelweed Flower Essence: Your Summer Survival Essential 🌿

Introducing one of our new essences for summer: Jewelweed (Spotted Touch-Me-Not) Flower Essence. Wildcrafted in NH, this essence provides a profound sense of calm, inner peace, and deep relaxation. Jewelweed helps channel the loud, outward yang energy of summer’s peak into a place of great balance. As we transition from light to dark and hot to cold, Jewelweed supports us through these pivotal phases. It aids in the shift from external to internal energies, fostering creativity and honoring each phase of life and creation.

Element: Earth, Yin Organ: Spleen, Horary Time: 9-11am, Season: Late Summer Jewelweed flower essence acts as a healing balm, grounding our energy to create deep stillness. It offers calming energy so that one can relax and find peace of mind and body. It is especially helpful at night for restlessness, providing support for children and adults alike. Jewelweed also alleviates irritations, allergic reactions, impatience, and the fear of closeness or being touched. It is excellent for poison ivy and any other skin irritations, offering support when we feel emotionally raw.


🌿 Green Masculine Heart Quantum Balancing Crystal (QBC) 🌿

Discover the power of our Green Masculine Heart Quantum Balancing Crystal (QBC), infused with cutting-edge nano technology. This crystal creates Scalar waves, providing superior protection against EMF radiation. The Green Masculine Heart QBC resonates with the heart chakra, helping to balance masculine energies and promote emotional healing. Let its protective and healing properties guide you through the transformative energies of the summer solstice.


💎 June's Gemstones: Moonstone Collection 💎

Align with the serene energies of June’s gemstone, moonstone. Known for its calming and balancing properties, moonstone enhances intuition and promotes emotional healing. Explore our selection, including traditional moonstones, new peach moonstones, and our limited stock of rainbow moonstone pendulums. Let these luminous gems guide you through the transformative energies of the summer solstice, bringing peace and clarity.


🦶 New Foot Detox Readings 🦶

Kickstart your summer wellness routine with our new Foot Detox readings. This innovative treatment helps to remove toxins, rejuvenate your body, and prepare you for the season ahead. Book your session today and step into summer feeling refreshed and revitalized.


🎶 Vibroacoustic Sound Bed: Experience the Future of Relaxation 🎶

Discover the cutting-edge technology of our Vibroacoustic Sound Bed. This therapeutic experience uses sound vibrations to promote deep relaxation and healing. Book your free trial session today and immerse yourself in the harmonious frequencies that restore balance and well-being.


🧘 Summer Meditations & Qigong Classes 🧘

Enhance your summer wellness journey with our upcoming summer meditations and Qigong classes. These sessions are designed to align your energy with the season’s vibrant flow, promoting balance, peace, and vitality. Stay tuned for the schedule and join us to cultivate inner harmony and strength.


Step into the enchantment of June, where every moment is infused with the promise of summer and the magic of the solstice. Embrace the journey, set your intentions, and let the radiant energies of the season guide you towards a summer filled with joy, renewal, and vibrant vitality. 🌞🍓✨

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