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Celtic Willow Tree Flower Essence

Featured Products of the Month

Welcome to the Spring!

Welcome to the Celtic Willow Tree Cycle on the Celtic Wheel of the Year! As we transition from the Alder Tree Cycle, we celebrate the start of the new year and new beginnings. To support your growth during this season of transformation, we have added new products and programs to our collection.

This month, we are excited to feature some of our suggested and new products for this time of year.

One of our featured products is the Under A Pink Moon Elixir, a handcrafted blend of Willow Tree, Diamond, Butterfly Spirit, Pink Phlox, Sweet Pea, and Daisy elixirs. It's a powerful combination of essences and elixirs associated with the Willow Tree Cycle and April, infused with energies under the Full Pink Moon. These alchemy allies have unique physical, mental, and spiritual healing properties that enhance meditations, journeying, and goal setting.

We also have Celtic Willow Tree Flower Essences, which are known for their ability to bring inner peace and balance to one's emotions. They support transformation and growth, help to release limiting beliefs and patterns, and promote emotional stability and calm relaxation.

In addition, we have added a limited-edition collector's piece of the Earth Star Chakra, which is a great enhancement for deeper grounding during these turbulent times.

We also have Aquamarine as the gemstone for the month and Daffodil as the flower for the month. The Daffodil Essences, Under a Worm Moon Elixir, and Spring Equinox Elixir all have Daffodil flower essence in them.


The Daffodil is a calming flower that helps bring about inner peace, hope, and self-love. It may also be used in spells related to unrequited love. To dream about seeing or picking daffodils is said to symbolize happiness and adoration. Known for its ability to boost self-esteem and self-worth, it's an excellent choice for those looking to build self-confidence.

Aquamarine is the gemstone of the month, and some of its healing properties are: communication skills, calmness, and patience. It also clears negativity at home, protects the home from negativity, and instills a sense of joyfulness and playfulness. It supports self-confidence and trauma healing.


Don't miss out on the opportunities to enhance your journey and save money too! Remember our monthly customer appreciation Fair Rates Day, where you can enjoy special discounts and savings on our products and services. Shop now and discover the benefits of our featured products!

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Under A Pink Moon Elixir

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