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mountain ash in snow. Beautiful winter l


Featured Products of the Month

This month we are transitioning from the Rowan Tree Cycle to the Ash Tree Cycle later in the month on the Celtic Wheel of the year that we follow.  We start our wheel with Yule and the Winter Solstice.  We have both tree essences featured this month.  

We are also in the Birth gemstone month of Amethyst. Moonstone is also on the Gemstone zodiac for a Gemstone to work with this month.  We have Elixirs in both gemstones available this month. We have products and Elixirs featured this month to allow you to work with the healing energy of this months cycles, whether or not it's your birthstone. 

The Quantum Balancing Crystal for this cycle is "Orange -Sacral Chakra".  

There is also a new "Earth Star Chakra that is a limited edition collectors piece.  It is a great enhancement for deeper grounding during these turbulent times.


Our New Creamsicle Protection Lip Balm is on sale this month! A tasty way to keep your lips happy, healthy and kissable!

We also have a variety of products to help you celebrate Valentine's and Romance Month.

With spring not far away Our New Lily of the Valley is a great essence to help you bring in valuable daydreaming and joyful dreaminess as we are still hibernating during our snow storms.  A lovely companion to do your inner work in preparation for spring.  A sweet companion following Imbolic.