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Sleep like a baby again

With the Tao of Sleep Institute where we combine Ancient Eastern Practices with Modern Quantum Technology to bring you a proprietary cutting-edge system that reclaims your sleep, so that you can thrive, prosper and enjoy your life.

We empower exhausted women plagued by Midlife Insomnia, left unresolved by traditional approaches, to take back their nights so that they wake up feeling refreshed, with the stamina to get all their tasks done, and have enough energy to live a happier and healthier life.

If you are serious about taking your life back, then start your journey by booking a FREE 5 point Sleep Analysis

Our system is designed to be fast and easy because we realize you are already tired.

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Your Mission

Your Mission - should you choose to accept it - is to gain at least seven more hours of restful sleep each week, easily recharging your vitality, focus, and energy so that you can move through your days with more efficiency and effectiveness to not only handle all your long list of to do’s and responsibilities but reconnect with intimacy, friendships and hobbies that fatigue kept you from in the past; thriving in the feeling of accomplishment and joy.


Susan Walko
Owner of Organiz-ER

"They get right to the heart of your healing needs and become a partner in the healing process!"

Jen kinsman howe pic_edited.jpg

Jennife Howe

Stacey Smith helped me; she was terrific and sensitive to my situation. She was also very accommodating to ease my impatient heart. I recommend her and her services to anyone!"

san lon photo_edited.jpg

San Lon

"Stacey is very gifted at what she does!!  She is amazing and on point with everything.  She has cleared a lot of things for me.  I would recommend her to everyone.  All I have to say is, Thank You!"

What you will Learn

12 weeks to reclaim an extra 7 hours of sleep per week

The Tao of Sleep is a 12-week group coaching program for women in midlife that are struggling with Insomnia and sleep deprivation that includes 4 modules:

Module 1: Foundations and Starting To Reclaim Your Sleep.  Learn to use and start implementing practical tools and strategies you can use to clear the blocks, sleep stealers in minutes a day.

Module 2: Empowering your Sleep By Starting Where You Are: Go through our proprietary assessment process, get your own custom remedies, aids and your own baseline images to give you a comprehensive holistic strategy to reclaim more hours of your sleep and wellness every night.


Module 3: Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Tools Of Sleep Mastery. Learn the breadth and depth of holistic tools and approaches that you can consider and find the right ones for you to add to your Tao of Sleep Success Strategy.


Module 4: Reevaluation and Next Steps Towards Mastery At This Stage of Life. See how far you have come with a new set of images and coaching assessment.  Get your blueprint for your strategy going forward.  Enjoy the health, wealth and joy of having more sleep in your days and weeks.

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What's Included

  1. Weekly group coaching session: To get support, accountability, and have your questions answered.  Sessions, Meditations and assignments are designed to be quick and easy because we realize you are already tired.

  2. Modules of classes: Learn tips, tricks, strategies and science behind why you are not sleeping and what you can do about it.  See where you currently are with our proprietary assessment and evaluation process and imaging.  We combine old world techniques with cutting edge technology without having to have bloodwork, medical tests and astronomical bills before you get any baseline of where you are at.

  3. Monthly Group Meditation Mp3: get a new meditation monthly to help you in a quick and easy way to shake off some of the stress of the day/week and help you ground, clear and unwind so that you can relax, rest and recharge peacefully in sleep.

  4. Private Initial Session 90 minutes: A private session to help determine what you have done, where you want to go, how important it is for you to get there, what are some of your challenges and failures on this journey.

  5. Comprehensive Assessment that evaluates the factors in your life affecting your sleep and wellness.  This looks at everything from your environment, health challenges, nutrition, energy centers, other influences and more. We combine old world techniques with cutting edge technology SO THAT YOU DON’T NEED to have bloodwork, medical tests and astronomical bills before you get any baseline of where you are at.

  6. Quantum Biofield Imaging: Get a baseline and reevaluation imaging session to show us and you where you are at and how everything you have done along this journey has put you in a better place and possibly what areas need to be focused on next.  This is another of the tools that we use in your journey to measure and track your success. 

  7. Follow up to assessment evaluation 1 hour:  A session to go over our assessment and go over your custom remedies that we will make for you and how to use them most effectively.

  8. Reassessment private review session with you1 hour: Reevaluation of your Wellness/Sleep assessment to look at where you have come from on our holistic multipoint system.

  9. 20 Min monthly private check in sessions (2 because the middle month is your hour assessment) a quick private check in to cover any sensitive areas that you might need some private help or tweaking on your strategy on.

  10. Exit Private Session 1 hour: Final Steps private session to go over your next steps and help with any challenges that you may want extra support around.

  11. Our Custom Sleep Tracker to help you monitor your progress on this journey in a quick and easy way. 

  12. Full Sized Custom Flower Essence Blend: A Natural Liquid Vibrational Remedy to help clear any block and vibrational imbalances in your system related to sleep.  We are addressing core root energetic blockages and causes to put your energetic and vibrational systems back into balance so that you can start reclaiming hours of sleep, peace, rest and feeling good again.

  13. Group Sleep Hypnosis MP3 Everyone in the program will receive an MP3 designed to help get a better night's sleep for a broad spectrum of challenges. It's also another great tool to help you unwind and ease down for the night into dream land.

  14. Ideal Blueprint for mapping out your day and setting yourself up for success in the long term.

  15. Our Strategic Blueprint and Sleep Aid Cheat Sheet to help you overcome challenges and sleep disruptors when life happens and gets in the way from letting you have a good night’s sleep.

  16. Community Access to our members area on our website for the program and on our Program Community Facebook Page. A great way to stay in touch and stay connected with your sleep pod to get support, motivation and celebrate wins together.

Founders Bonuses

  1. One-time only Special Bonus or A Chakra/energy balancing session for this program premiere launch.  The subtle energy of the aura and chakra can get out of balance. The imbalance can affect the emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  The aura and chakra balancing brings the energy harmony to the rest of your being creating a greater harmony.  These are private 1 on 1 sessions with Bob balancing your energy. 

  2. Sleep and Dream Journal to help you stay on track through your achievements and challenges, organized and build out your toolbox of resources for during and after the program. Also helpful in getting out of your head anything significant that you want to remember or share with your group to get support around.

  3. Custom Aroma-Essence blend to help you relax and rest using essential oils to work on the physical and olfactory systems to help facilitate a better night's sleep with better quality of sleep.

  4. Success Motivator Guide

  1. Fast Action Bonus: Monthly Complementary admission to our Full Moon Color Flora Crystal Bowl Concert in the months that we have them during the program. PLUS 2 ADDITIONAL COMPLEMENTARY MONTHS OF ADMISSION BEYOND THE PROGRAM. (5 Months in total) Relax, rebalance, and recharge with our heart frequency color crystal bowls journeying with flowers and the flower essences, gems and animal spirits of that month; to help rebalance your energies and deeply relax you in a multi frequency healing sound journey experience.

  2. PAY IN FULL AT SIGN UP BONUS: 90 Minute laser focused coaching session after the program is done to focus on your top life goal or challenge. Plus a designer angelic gem elixir roll-on.


Fast Action Bonuses

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Join Us Before Time Runs Out!

  • Registration is only open until Feb 15th. 

  • Enrollment space is exclusive to the first 10 people. 

  • Restricted availability of personalized assessments and custom blueprint formulas. (Assessments are done in the order of registration/first come/first served.  The earlier you register the sooner you can get a jump on the program. This is a proprietary system and is time consuming to provide couture blueprint and formulary design. 

  • This is a couture program for those looking for customized guidance, support and solutions to reclaim 7 more hours of sleep per week, happiness, and energy.

helen group_edited.jpg

Helen Carmody

"This is a wonderful place.  I have never felt so comfortable learning about myself.  They are all very compassionate and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend them."

Bonnie Martin head shot.JPG

Bonnie Martin

"Stacey is a genuine beautiful soul who has such a caring heart and has helped me so much."


Marylou Bagley Childs

"Stacey you brought me peace!   I can't thank you enough!"

stacey magic high resolution purple smoke.jpg

Rev. Stacey Smith, CFEP, MNLP, RMT
Founder & Head Coach of Tao of Sleep Institute

Stacey has been studying holistic healing, intuitive development, accelerated learning and performance strategies for the past 30 years. She has developed her unique Success Systems, a sophisticated multifaceted holistic approach that starts with the most important step first and builds on that systematically.   

Misdiagnosed for over 26 years with chronic Lyme Disease with Coinfections, traditional methods left her without hope. These caused depression, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, long term insomnia and a hormonal imbalance that made early menopausal symptoms a nightmare.

Stacey healed herself by integrating her training as a Certified Flower Essences Practitioner, Florapuncturist, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Coach and Strategist and, not only bringing her life into balance, but pulling her back from the brink of giving up.

Having worked with more than 10K clients with a broad spectrum of challenges, her skill is in knowing where a person needs to start, and what exactly they need to do next, and how to support them to do it, to have the energy to not only thrive again but believe in more for themselves. 

She has helped clients that just wanted to completely give up on life and haven’t had regular or good quality of life, to go from exhausted and physically shaky to thriving, happy and able to go after more fulfilling goals in life, in less than 9 months.

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Tao of Sleep Institute Pillars

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Our Foundations Program

Your empowerment foundations to start taking your sleep and life back.

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Our Proprietary Products
to support you

Our holistic and vibrational products to help return you to balance, support you in dissolving what's been holding you back or been a road block.

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Our Mastery Program

For those that are ready to take life to the next level we have the Mastery Program.  Our year long program to focus on self mastery to gain life long tools and self empowerment over your sleep.  This is a good journey to take when you are getting ready for our Transformational Coaching or our Mentorship Program

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