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Our new orchid essence
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Quantum Balancing Crystal Sale

Solar Plexus Chakra -Yellow Crystal

Every month we like to showcase a different color and provide some helpful insight on their meanings. This month
we are on to the Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra.

Yellow resonates with the solar plexus chakra, the sun of the universe where all information is digested, processed and integrated. It is best related to the gut feeling, commonly experienced when perceiving situations and making decisions. This center opened provides a strengthening of one’s own inner guidance filtering out all outside influences. A clear pathway of staying in your own power is mastered. Yellow also assists in overcoming fears, old patterns and obstacles that are stagnate and stuck. It is in this space where one realizes that they are a leader of self.


Valentine Month Specials

Book your 2-for-1 Specials NOW....Gift Certificates available to take advantage of this special offer!

Special #1  His and Her Psychic Reading* 
(Or we'll extend 2-for-1 to Mom and daughter or friends) 

February special 30 minutes $55  1 hour $110  phone, Skype or email readings or if you host a party with 6 other paying couples (12 people)  (party rates for guests can vary- ask us)
We now do parties in our office as well!  Waive the travel fee and save time cleaning and prepping the house by having your party here in our Salem, NH office!

We can do a Partner Card Spread Reading for a couple incorporated into our non-traditional psychic reading.  (1 hour highly recommended.) 

NEED to TREAT YOURSELF?  Buy a Gift Certificate for yourself.....Can't find a buddy to share it with....we'll honor it in celebration of YOU!

Special #2  His and Her Aura Photo and Chakra Imaging* 
This is a HUGE Bargain!!!! Each of you can get you Aura Photo and Chakra Imaging done Go to our Quantum Aura Imaging Page to see examples of Images 

Aura Photo, Chakra Photo and Full 11 Page Report Included for BOTH of YOU! 
$60 for a both people. 
Supersized package #2    $75 for both people 
(base special #2 plus the Videos for both people) ADD The Chakra Video to your package for both of you

This can be a FRESH and fun valentine treat!  even add it to your Valentine surprise!

Special #3  The Full Monty Package*

Partner Card Spread Reading for a couple (or 2 people) incorporated into our 1 hour non-traditional psychic reading AND Aura Photo, Chakra Photo Imaging sessions AND 3D Real-Time Chakra Videos for Both AND Full Comprehensive Aura, Chakra, Biofeedback 11 Page Report for both. $150 for couple (2 people)

Special #4  2 People -bring a buddy (1 hr each) $200 for both readings or Get a couples Reading 1 hour 2 people/couple at the same time $200. 

*Specials only Available for purchase at 2 for 1 price thru 2/28/17

Book 20 minute Tune-up reading or Coaching session with Stacey $40 
Please note this is a mini consolodated time spot.  Please come prepared with exactly what you want to cover or your specific question.  Time goes by quickly. If you have a more in depth question or know you are going to need more time please book a longer appointment.

Quantum Balancing Crystal Sale

Feminine Heart -Pink Chakra

Every month we like to showcase a different color and provide some helpful insight on their meanings. This month
we are on to the Pink Chakra.

Pink - Feminine Heart Chakra “I connect to the divine feminine energy within me”“I love and accept myself unconditionally”“I am in receivership of love and affection”“I am the best mirror of love”​​Pink resonates with the feminine heart chakra, which is a very soft receiving energy. Compassion for self and others is felt in this center as well as feelings of loving and accepting oneself. Inside this center unconditional love emerges, flows freely and life is perceived with endearing beauty. Pink’s divine mother energy nurtures the innerchild with all of it’s loving presence. The inner child is continuously embraced until all attachments and judgments of self are released and this vortex fully opens and blossoms. Loving one self is a beautiful gift and learning to receive love deepens our connections and intimacy with the world.

Attunement 4: Close your eyes and breathe in the color pink. Allow pink to flow inside your being, filling up your heart. Cuddle yourself with pink and receive a big hug from yourself. Pink is surrounding and filling you with soft gentle love. Continue to receive pink into your field and see the blessing and gift that you are. Become an open channel of this love and feel its magnificence. Commit to loving oneself and always receive this beautiful love that is fully available right here and right now.

We will have these in the wellness center.These are available in cone form, small and large pendants and the bracelets.

You can also design your own custom trinity necklace.

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