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Tao of Sleep Gemstone Sleep Bracelet TM

Tao of Sleep Gemstone Sleep Bracelet TM

A hand made in small batches in NH. Reiki Charge and Energetically Spirit filled, blessed bracelets to help you sleep better. These have been blessed and charged. We have selected gemstones with the highest vibration aligned to great sleep for soothing, grounding and clearing the day away and foster better sleep. This has been designed to be a self clearing bracelet. Works very well with our Tao of Sleep Aroma-Essences Blends and our Tao of Sleep Institute Program. DO NOT get your bracelet WET as it contains selenite. Includes Genuine gemstones of Amethyst, Moonstone, Howlite and Selenite .

Your bracelet brings in energies of Peace & Serenity, clears confusions, recharges your energy, connects with the angelic realm, Helps clear nightmares, calms the mind, protects your energy, helps foster better sleep, helps relieve pain brought on by stress, anger, and rage by calming an overactive mind helping one to reach a more positive peaceful state. This gemstone grouping also helps assist in emotional stability and mental clarity, helps to act as a balancing force to help you drift off each night into a restful sleep. Also helps reducing emotional tension which may be keeping you up at night or disturbing your sleep. Get your FREE Sleep Defense Guide: for more info on our Tao of Sleep Programs go to are 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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