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Cucumber Flower Essence .5 oz Stock Bottle
  • Cucumber Flower Essence .5 oz Stock Bottle

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    Cucumber Flower Essence: (Cucumis sativus) Cucumber essence is known for its cooling and hydrating properties. It can help refresh and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit after the winter months. Use it to create a calming atmosphere during your cleaning sessions and to promote a sense of inner peace and serenity.


    Indulge in the refreshing energy of Cucumber flower essence, associated with the Moon and the water element, offering nourishment, hydration, and emotional balance. Cucumber essence resonates with the Sacral Chakra, promoting creativity, sensuality, and emotional well-being. Its cooling, hydrating properties soothe and replenish the body, while its pale green color symbolizes growth, renewal, and vitality. Cucumber flower essence supports physical detoxification and hydration, assisting in maintaining optimal health and vitality. Emotionally, it helps release stress and tension, fostering a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Spiritually, Cucumber essence encourages connection with the divine feminine and intuitive wisdom, deepening your connection to your inner self and the cycles of nature. Incorporate Cucumber flower essence into your self-care routine to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, and embrace the gentle flow of life.


    Cucumber flower essence is believed to be helpful for individuals who feel overwhelmed or burdened by emotional clutter or stagnant energy. It is associated with purification and renewal, making it beneficial for spring cleaning rituals and clearing out mental or emotional clutter. Indications for use may include:

    • Emotional Purification: Cucumber flower essence is thought to support emotional cleansing and detoxification. It may help individuals release stagnant emotions, negative thought patterns, or unresolved issues, promoting a sense of emotional clarity and lightness.

    • Renewal and Rejuvenation: Just as cucumbers are hydrating and refreshing, cucumber flower essence is believed to bring a sense of renewal and rejuvenation to the spirit. It may help individuals feel revitalized, energized, and ready to embrace new beginnings or opportunities.

    • Energetic Cleansing: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cucumber is associated with the Water element, particularly the Kidney and Bladder meridians. Cucumber flower essence may be used to support the energetic cleansing of these organs, promoting balance, flow, and vitality within the body's energy system.

    By incorporating cucumber flower essence into spring cleaning rituals or self-care practices, individuals may experience a greater sense of emotional clarity, renewal, and vitality, making it easier to transition into the new season with a fresh perspective.


    Flower essences are liquid, vibrational remedies that work on the energetic body to bring your whole being back into balance. They ARE NOT essential oils and are not about SCENT. 🌸


    Note: If we are sold out, feel free to contact us if you are interested in ordering.  We make very small batches. We would be happy to put you on our reserve list to get the next available when we create another batch.


    Legal: The law requires that metaphysical/paranormal items are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this item. We are not liable for misuse of this item, nor any activity or occurrence that may or may not occur in connection with this item. All sales are final. Sold as a curio and a dietary supplement.  Dietary Supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

    • Policies and Product information

      All sales are FINAL! Due to the energetic and consumable nature of the products we are unable to accept returns.  Product Care: Please do not leave your essences in extreme temeratures i.e. a hot or cold car or a fridge. Do not store in direct sunlight.  Do not store next to Euchalyptus or Tea Tree essential oils!

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