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Welcome to our Garden of Possibilities!

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A Metaphysical Wellness Center Specializing in Flower Essences and Lyme Disease Support
We are a guiding hand in your journey, bringing you balance with heaven and earth.

"They can get right to the root of a person's healing needs and become a partner in the healing process."

Clarity, Support and Navigation

Tools, techniques and products for your next dynamic possibilities!

  • Connect with a loved one that has passed
  • Get clarity on work, relationships, directions
  • UNSTUCK yourself
  • Stressed? Frazzled? Overwhelmed?
  • Empath navigational guidance
  • Support with Lyme Disease, Shingles & ADD
  • Navigate reinventing yourself
  • See what your energy looks like.
  • Support with chronic pain or arthritis
  • Coaching in the Metaphysical arts
  • Intuitive Coaching
Walk-up Window/Curbside Pickup is available in our office at 68 Stiles RD Suite #A-h, Salem, NH

—Susan Walko, Organiz-ER


Walk-up Window/Curbside Pickup is available in our office at 68 Stiles RD Suite #A-h, Salem, NH

Shop Online

Check back often. We are continuing to add products and specials all the time.  We've added shipping, Curbside and Walk up window pickup options to make your life easier.

We are always having monthly sales, featured items, items for the specific lunar cycle and more!


$3. up

EGift Cards

Egift Cards are available for an instant gift.  Great for birthdays, graduations, holidays and more.  Shop our egift card sale and treat yourself on cards over $25.  To get the reduced rates, you must order a minimum quantity of $25.  Want to stock up on services at reduced rates by extras for yourself while they are on sale! We frequently have special sales on ecards. Check back often.


$10. up

Gift Certificates

Want a paper gift certificate? We can mail to you or your recipient. Curbside and Walk up window pickup options also available. Order in the denomination of your choosing, desired method of delivery and What Name you would like on the certificate.  Please specify if you would like a general  shop wide certificate or one for sound healing and balancing.


$5. up

Prayer & Healing Request Donation

You may submit your donation here and/or request a candle for yourself or someone else.  You may submit a request for prayers or distant healing for yourself or others.  As we are unable to have people inside our center at this time which restricts access to our prayer bowl, you may now do so online.  We light a candle or incense for you or your loved one.  A donation is greatly appreciated to help keep our healing prayer altar supplied.  Demand during this time has been greater than ever, so any donation helps.  You may also pay ahead and help someone else who can't afford a donation but needs healing and prayers.

Submit Prayer and Healing Request Here

Submit your request for prayers, healing or to have a candle or incense for a specific person or situation lit on our healing prayer altar. Please include who this is for, age and town so that we may connect to their energy to direct the healing intention.  Requests are confidential.  You may request for yourself or others or a global intention.

If you could do some sort of donation, that would be appreciated.

Pay it Forward

Pay it forward zone!

This is where you can contribute to the greater community to help out others that need assistance or training but can't afford it at this time.  You may also submit a donation to help someone else get coaching to recreate themselves in these changing and uncertain times.


Terry Milton "The Stone Lady" Gloucester, MA


Why Flower Essences?

We specialize in Flower Essences which are liquid vibrational remedies -the next evolution out of homeopathy.  Flower Essences are NOT aromatherapy.  Flower Essences work on an energetic sub cellular frequency as opposed to aromatherapy which is about working on the physical and olfactory energetic bodies.  Flower Essences are NOT about aroma. Flower Essences all smell the same, usually like the Brandy or Rum preservative that we use in making them.  Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and a homeopath in England developed Flower Essences in the 1930's.  We carry the Bach Brand flower essences. We are authorized retailers of the Delta Gardens Home Use Essences.  We also have hundreds of other flower and animal essences that we work with in addition to the flower essences and gem elixirs that we make in our apothecary.  We bring to you an intersectional practice woven in with our cutting edge equipment and services.  We are  certified Flower Essences Practitioners in addition to the many other skills and that we are able to offer you through our wellness center.  We do carry Essential Oils in addition to our Flower Essences, however the back bone of our practice is Flower Essences. 


Within our office we also have 3D Quantum Aura and Chakra Imaging, Biofield and Resonance Imaging, which gives us the ability to show you what you look like energetically.  We can show you what you look like before and after making lifestyle changes and the frequencies of different products upon your physical and energetic bodies.

At The Healing Power of Flowers - Heaven and Earth, we advise our clients to look deep inside themselves to find their inner energy-and we'll help guide you on your journey.  While you are on your journey to personal, spiritual, creative and vibrational  growth, you will find help, comfort, friendship and support with us. Need help with unresolved relationships or situations with friends and loved ones that have passed.  Let us be a guiding hand on your journey finding peace and start living the life you deserve to live.

A few areas clients have shared they found essences supportive for them:


Moonstone is frequently waitlisted by clients ordering digestive support.  Our Bio- available nutritional lines have also been hugely popular orders.  The easy on the digestive system has been helpful to us personally.

Fatigue and Allergy Support

Olive, Geranium and Strawberry flower essences have been the post popularly order by clients with fatigue issues.  Clients looking for support around allergy issues generally prefer to book a private guidance session instead of just aimlessly shopping.


Clients have said they got compounded results adding Dandelion essence and some of our other bio available nutritional products when they are planning a detox.

Women's Health

Pomegranate is a frequently ordered flower essence for women's issues.  We recommend booking a consult to see what other aspects we may support you in on your journey.  You are an individual and having a customized connection could be less stressful. 

Weight Loss

Popularly ordered items: essences around sugar craving support in combination with some of our cbd products, some have ordered them in tandem with our bioavailable nutritional line.

Stress & Lyme Support

Clients with Stress, Lyme Disease and Co-Infections usually find it helpful to book a consultation for a more customized form of support.

Disclaimer: Client order statistics, client use and feedback responses are NOT medical claims NOR should any client shares or orders be considered any form of medical advice.  It is our recommendation that you consult your mental health or medical professional before embarking on any major lifestyle change. We are not doctors, we do not intend to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. If the reader is making a lifestyle change, has current medical needs or constraints, is taking prescription drugs, or is pregnant or nursing, they should seek the advice and support of their medical physician prior to embarking on a new lifestyle program.


Meet Rev. P.s Stacey Smith

  • Certified Flower Essences Practitioner (Specializing Lyme Disease Support)
  • Life, Wellness and Spiritual Coach
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Psychic, Channel, Medium, Medical Intuitive
  • Certified Advanced ESP Development
  • Diviner: Tarot, Oracle, Ogham, Crystals, Bones
  • Mystic Crystal Practitioner
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator
  • Women's Circle Facilitator
  • Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner integrating Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Aromatherapist
  • Sound Therapist
  • Practitioner of: Quantum Touch and Arcturian Healing Light Level 4, Florapuncture and Etheric acupuncture
  • Minister and Priestess
  • Professional Organizer
  • Artist, Writer, Photographer, Jewelry designer

As a certified Flower Essences Practitioner and Aromatherapist Stacey can weave together remedies or aroma blends to help support you during this challenging Pandemic.  Stacey can also go over some of your flower essence options during a reading or coaching session and formulate a custom blend for you.  Let's help get you unstuck and help shift some of those blocks to facilitate designing a new future for you! Request a custom blend today!  Need clarity on a move, career or relationship?  Need connection or closure with a loved one that's passed?  Book today!

Stacey uses a guided multi-faceted approach to give insight and empowerment.  Guided by the collective that she channels to weave her different forms of divination to facilitate getting you what is needed most for you in this moment in your life. Her divining includes: Channeling, Celtic Ogham, Psychic, Mediumship, Bone Cartomancy, Crystalline Soul Frequency, Tarot, Psychometry, Dowsing and her own Herbal Rune divination system which integrates her intersectional practices.  Her blended cartomancy includes: Oracle, Angel and Sacred Geometry.  She is an Empath, Channel, Seasoned Diviner,  Minister, Lunar Priestess, and Priestess in The Cabot Tradition.  She has studies with the World-Renowned Rev. Ramona Garcia, Rev. HPs. Laurie Cabot  and other international instructors. She has studied with various instructors of Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment for more than 20 years.


She was one of the original Founding members of the Integrative Medicine Alliance, She is founder and co-owner of The Healing Power of Flowers, a metaphysical wellness center in Salem, NH. She has been honing her gifts and craft since age thirteen but more publicly applying them in hospital work, coaching, reading and different capacities since 1995.  She comes from a naturally talented multi-generational psychic and intuitively gifted family.

Stacey has decades of training, experience and has had multiple businesses.  One of her businesses was featured in Business NH Magazine. She has is an award winning artist, photographer and award winning writer, florist, certified sex educator, certified cash flow consultant and Professional Organizer.  She has received an award for special services. One of her commissioned photos went to Glamour Magazine for the clients featured photo. Stacey's been a featured guest on Radio.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Communications from Regis College.

Meet Rev. P. Robert Menard

  • 3D Aura, Chakra and Biofield Photographer and Videographer
  • Life, Wellness and Spiritual Coach
  • Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records
  • Certified Advanced ESP Development
  • Diviner: Tarot, Oracle, Angel and dowsing
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator
  • Sound Therapist
  • Practitioner of: Reiki, Shamballa, Quantum Touch & Arcturian Healing Light Level 4
  • Minister and Priest
  • Professional Organizer
  • Jewelry designer

Rev. P. Robert Menard: 3D real-time Aura & Chakra Photos, Tarot, Chakra Balancing and Pendulum Dowsing sessions.
Co-Owner & Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Specializes in Dowsing and Epigenetic Nutrition. Reiki, Quantum Touch & Shambhala, and Arcturian Healing Light..
He does Aura Photo Readings, 3D Real Time Chakra Imaging Videography, (He uses Aura Imaging in his healing practice as a real-time diagnostic aid and to track progress over time).
Robert has studied various methods including but not limited to: Akashic Records, Edgar Casey Intuitive, Atlantean & Lemurian history & techniques, Native American Animal Totems and Medicine Studies, The Secret and Silva Mind Institute.



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Medical Disclaimer: Information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only.

This information is NOT intended as medical advice or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.