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Pink Damask (Bewitched) hybrid tea rose Flower Essence: From our private gardens, Gently entices you to move into a nurturing space for releasing heart chakra trauma and pain.  Assists one in breathing in gentle love and acceptance for self.  Lightens the heart as it heals.  Pleasantly and playfully beckons you to reconnect and reignite with your own inner flames of love, passion and soul rapture.  Helps release your creative desires and energies similar to how this heady rose fragrance of this flower bursts forth and spreads out in all its glory perfuming a large area around it, beckoning one to come closer and savor its intoxicating beauty and fragrance.  Like the flower itself, it can help inspire your divine captivating essence intoxicating the world around you as you move forth with a full and open ecstatic heart on a soaring spiritual journey. This helps you breathe in and exhale your own divine radiance.
4th Chakra essence and helpful for 2nd, 6th & 7th Chakras. Www.healingpowerofflowers.com

Pink Damask (Bewitched) hybrid tea rose Flower Essence .5 oz bottle

SKU: BWitchEsshalf
    • Do not leave in direct sunlightfor long periods of time. 
    • Do not leave in the hot car.
    • Do not store next to Tea Tree Oil