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Moonstone Polished Gemstones
  • Moonstone Gemstone Polished

    SKU: MoonstonePlshd

    Moonstone Gemstone Polished 3/4" - 1" in size per stone.  Note as these are a natural stones the color, shape and texture may vary from stone to stone.  Price is for 1 Moonstone Polished Stone.

    • Moonstone is one of the stones of June.
    • Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and helps one connect with the energy of the Divine Feminine.  It carries a gentle, nurturing energy that brings comfort during times of emotional stress.  Moonstone harmonizes the mind, body and spirit, and allows one to become more attuned with their inner feelings.  It enhances patience and improves emotional regulation.  Moonstone promotes intuition and empathy, and is a powerful crystal for developing psychic awareness.  It is also said to be beneficial for developing psychic awareness.  It is also said to be beneficial for PMS, conception, pregnancy and childbirth.   Chakras: Heart, Third Eye and Crown   

    • We have clients that have used Moonstone Elixir to help with Reflux, for moon rituals, Meditations, For soothing, For calming and softening ridig dispositions.  Moonstone Elixir is also available.

    • Great for Children and adults to be supportive around sleep, calming and insomnia.  Helpful to keep on the nightstand.

    • Gemstone for 13th wedding anniversary.

    • Also called the ‘’Stone of New Beginnings’’, Moonstone reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change, and teaches one to let go in order to move forward when that is necessary.

    • Discover Your Inner Balance and Intuition

      Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of Moonstone Gemstones, each polished to perfection and varying in size from approximately 1 to 1.5 inches. These captivating treasures, shaped into round or oval forms depending on the stone, offer a tangible connection to the profound metaphysical and healing properties of Moonstone.


    • Moonstone is revered for its ability to enhance intuition, inner balance, and emotional healing. As a stone of the Third Eye and Crown chakras, it gently awakens your psychic abilities and connects you to the wisdom of the divine feminine. Each Moonstone gemstone serves as a conduit for lunar energy, guiding you through life's transitions with grace and intuition.

      Gemological and Healing Properties

    • Intuition and Insight: Moonstone heightens intuition and psychic abilities, helping you trust your inner guidance and navigate life's mysteries with clarity and confidence.
    • Emotional Healing: It soothes emotional distress and promotes inner harmony, providing a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress.
    • Feminine Energy: As a stone of the divine feminine, Moonstone nurtures compassion, empathy, and intuition, fostering a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Correspondence

      In TCM, Moonstone resonates with the Water element, aligning with the kidneys and bladder meridians. It promotes emotional balance, fluidity, and intuition, offering support during times of transition and transformation.


      Price and Availability

      The price listed is for one Moonstone Gemstone, intuitively chosen for you. Each stone is unique in shape, color, and size, ensuring that you receive a personalized treasure imbued with the sacred energies of Moonstone.

      Embrace the Mystical Within

      Allow the enchanting energies of Moonstone to awaken your intuition, foster inner balance, and guide you on your spiritual journey. Whether carried in your pocket, displayed on your altar, or used in meditation, these exquisite gemstones serve as constant reminders of the magic and wisdom within you.

      Experience the transformative power of Moonstone Gemstones today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.


    Card with more information on the properties of Moonstone are included with your stone.

    Moonstone Elixir is available on this website


    Note: If we are sold out, feel free to contact us if you are interested in ordering. We would be happy to put you on our reserve list to get the next available when our next order arrives.


    Legal: The law requires that metaphysical/paranormal items are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this item. We are not liable for misuse of this item, nor any activity or occurrence that may or may not occur in connection with this item. We are NOT making any medical claims on any of our products.  All sales are final! Sold as a curio.

    • All sales are final

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