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Assists with: Nostalgia, sweetness, innocence, child-like day dreaming, purity, divine playful creativity, clear boundaries, wonderment, lightness of being; love light and joy; helps bring back playfulness, assists in helping one utilize the value of day dreaming, assists one in sitting in joyful dreaminess.  Helpful essence to use when too enmeshed in the present and business.  Helpful in gently brining fluid soft energetic play when you have been locked in a pattern of rational logical thinking and behavior.  Helpful in moving through rigid blocks and behaviors.  Helpful in bringing spirit of sweetness and innocent love back into your life.                                                                                          

Song: This flower has decided it’s song is: Dream a little Dream of Me.

Colors: White, Gold & Magenta

Chakras: Soul Star, Crown Third Eye, & Heart.

Lily of the Valley Flower Essence (Convallaria majalis)