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Garnet for Traumatic Times Elixir Blend Bottle .5 oz
  • Garnet for Traumatic Times Elixir Blend Bottle .5 oz

    SKU: GrntStrBethElix

    Garnet for Trauma and Traumatic Times Elixir Blend Bottle .5 oz

    This Elixir is a hand crafted blend of Rhodolite Garnet Elixir, Green Grossular Tsavorite Garnet Elixir, and Star of Bethlehem (ORNITHOGALUM UMBELLATUM) Flower Essence.


    The first to be released in our Flower Gem Zodiac Collection! I created this elixir blend initially to bring in the healing energies of Garnet for the January Gemstone. It was blended during the energies of the Celtic Tree wheel of the year-birch moving into Rowan, to bring in the energy supporting new beginnings and to bring in protection and defense of those new beginnings that are being cultivated during January, during this time in our history or at a time in your life personally when these supportive energies are needed. Star of Bethlehem rounds out this special blend to help support us during this excessively traumatic, challenging, grief and illness challenging time in our history. We crafted this blend to invoke deeper level of wellness, balance and calming for multiple issues and situations.


    · Garnet is a great support for circulation and for recovery from injury, trauma, grief, recovery from illness or surgery. Garnet is a great ally for brining in more focus, soothing and calming. Helpful for restoring a connection to our relationship with the earth and it's healing energies. Garnet helps balance and integrate with our physical body energies that have been uninjured, ill or traumatized with our energetic bodies and the uninjured parts of ourselves; helping to creating a healing mess of energy for wholeness and support the body and energies to facilitate healing.

    · Garnet colors are Red and Green and help facilitate bringing a balance between the root , heart and soul star chakras. Assists with trauma, tension and stress within the energetic bodies of a person and helps to facilitate rebalancing, stability and harmony.

    · Star of Bethlehem helps with grief, shock, trauma and imbalances caused by those events, short term and long term.

    · This blend is NOT a product about AROMA. It is a liquid vibrational remedies made from potenized waters bringing in the healing properties of the stones, the flowers, mineral and flora kingdom of energies imprinted in the healing water and preserved in a brandy base for preservation.


    Information and Meditation card is included with your bottle to help you connect with the essence and work with it on a deeper level.


    Flower essences are liquid, vibrational remedies that work on the energetic body to bring your whole being back into balance. Flower essences ARE NOT essential oils. and not about SCENT. 


    In addition to our own Essences, we work with other Essence makers. One of the other makers we work with and sell is BACH FLOWER Brand.We have selected BACH® Star of Bethlehem (ORNITHOGALUM UMBELLATUM) flower remedy to add to this blend to help with this blend for trauma and traumatic times.Bach Brand Info on this flower is:"The BACH® remedy Star of Bethlehem neutralizes the effects of grief and encourages the positive potential of inner strength. Deal with the aftereffects of a life-altering experience. Have comfort and soothe your pain and sorrows. Energetic trauma occurs any time we experience a shocking event that our energy system is unable to cope with. Untreated, it will remain in the energetic system, causing an imbalance and blockage in the area it influences. Thus, an adult person may still suffer from an energetic trauma at birth. Such shocks do not have to be major life events - they can stem from something as simple as shutting the door on your fingers. As seen, they can be physical, intellectual, or emotional events. They can manifest in personality traits, or in physical symptoms. For instance, a person who has been informed of a financial or legal setback may react by withdrawing emotionally, or by exhibiting physical symptoms such as blurry sight or inability to hear. Energetic trauma sometimes makes itself known instantly after the event, and sometimes not until years later. Suddenly a person will exhibit psychosomatic conditions that have no apparent cause in his or her current life. While few experience the negative Star of Bethlehem state as a chronic condition, some do. In this instance, the person will seem to be in a mental half-sleep. S/He will withdraw from everything s/he doesn't want to have feelings about - such as a soldier who has experienced the traumatic events of war and tries to avoid replaying those events in his mind. Those experiencing the medical condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disease are stuck in the negative Star of Bethlehem state. Dr. Bach, when categorizing the Bach Flower Essences, called Star of Bethlehem the "Comforter and soother of pains and sorrows." Star of Bethlehem awakens the personality and leads it back to its Higher Self. It re-establishes energetic links so that residues of energetic trauma can dissolve and allow the individual to regain energy, vitality, mental clarity, and inner strength. Bach Flower Practitioners use Star of Bethlehem regularly - because none of us is immune from experiencing traumatic events. Since our energies respond to traumas both large and small, we are often in need of this Bach Flower Essence to clear the blockages and allow us to return to normal. Many recommend giving Star of Bethlehem to newborns, so that the trauma of birth can be released rather than remaining to clog the energy pathways. Patients with psychosomatic conditions that have proved "untreatable" by conventional methods often find relief when this Bach Flower Essence is added to their treatment regimen."


    Note: If we are sold out, feel free to contact us if you are interested in ordering.  We make very small batches as this is an expensive product to create. We would be happy to put you on our reserve list to get the next available when we create another batch. Essences and Elixirs are available individually (unblended) upon request.


    Legal: The law requires that metaphysical/paranormal items are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this item. We are not liable for misuse of this item, nor any activity or occurrence that may or may not occur in connection with this item. All sales are final. Sold as a curio and a dietary supplement.

    • Policies and Product information

      All sales are FINAL! Due to the energetic and consumable nature of the products we are unable to accept returns.  Product Care: Please do not leave your essences in extreme temeratures i.e. a hot or cold car or a fridge. Do not store in direct sunlight.  Do not store next to Euchalyptus or Tea Tree essential oils!

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