Forsythia (Forsythia Suspensa ) Flower Essence Stock .5oz bottle
  • Forsythia (Forsythia Suspensa ) Flower Essence Stock .5oz bottle

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    .5oz bottle:  Wild Violet (Viola Odorata) Flower Essence

    This Essence is made from plants from our gardens during a flower moon.  This essence helps ease the mind and invoke transformation at a soul level.  Brings in Love, Boundless joy, Freedom, Divine Feminine Goddess Energy, Brings in Nymph energy.  Eases one back into creative, happy, healthy, strong, flexible and vibrant ways of moving through life.  Celebrate life again. Exhale vitality and joy.  “I joyfully step forward in the world; I create my hearts desires.”  “I am not alone. I am well rooted and full-ly formed!  I move forward in the world confidently willing my creations into being.  I excitedly invite my spirit to joyfully move through my physical expression. “I release all that no longer serves me, all patterns, structures, beliefs, habits and all that has caused me to remain stuck, block and bound in unhealthy, unproductive and unhappy ways.  “I am no longer bound by deep base levels of grief.” “I can now integrate my grieving in healthy ways from the depths to a higher and vibrant enlightened view.”  “I am now ready to be happy.  And am ready to let myself and gifts move