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(Quercus robur ) - This is a blend of American and European Oak tree flower esscences. The "manifestation" Oak frequency helps deeply integrate stabilities, your natural & hidden talents & purpose, energy, endurances, assuredness, nurturing, unconditional love & hospitality, It can help open the gateways to the sacred mysteries to you.  Reinforces your ability & stamina to manifest your goals, desires and bring your projects to fruition.  Shares the energy of creativity, character, core strength & endurance to weather the challenges of life regardless of what they are and to THRIVE in spite of them. Helps you align, balance, ground, root more deeply in your life experience and anchor you equally above and below. Helps free your hidden potential into a manifested fruit of your energies. Helps connect you with your genuine self, courage, faith, purpose & enjoy creative pleasure again.

Color: Red, Chakra: Root,  Elements: Earth & Fire 

Celtic Oak (Duir)Tree Flower Essence .5 oz Bottle

SKU: CeltOakTreeEss
$18.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • All sales are FINAL! Due to the energetic and consumable nature of the products we are unable to accept returns. 

    Product Care:

    • Please do not leave your essences in extreme temeratures i.e. a hot or cold car or a fridge.
    • Do not store in direct sunlight. 
    • Do not store next to Euchalyptus or Tea Tree essential oils!