Burning Bush Essence (Euonymus Altus) Stock
  • Burning Bush Essence (Euonymus Altus) Stock

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    .5oz Stock bottle of Burning Bush Flower Essence, Solarized and Lunarized during the Full Strawberry Moon.


    Plant Messages-Assists with: Vitality, Giving a sense of fun in the sun, I assist you in feeling more alive, I bring spice, color and vitality back to life.  If you are feeling small, I can help you remember the essence of feeling durable, flexible, expansive and outstretching.  I am helpful when feeling cold, dull, lack luster and low energy in life.  I welcome you back to feel secure enough to get your inner fire back.  Set the world ablaze with your unique self.  I invite in resilience, expansiveness, root yourself deeply and blaze abundantly. Enjoy the spiciness of life again.  You are safe, resilient and splendid!                                                                                                                                          

    This is a solar and lunar essence made during the strawberry moon.                                

    This flower has decided it’s song is: She Bangs by Ricky Martin                                   

    Colors: Red, Orange, Gold & Green. 

    Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart.


    Information and Meditation card is included with your bottle to help you connect with the essence and work with it on a deeper level.


    Flower essences are liquid, vibrational remedies that work on the energetic body to bring your whole being back into balance. Flower essences ARE NOT essential oils. and not about SCENT. 


    We are NOT making any medical claims or gua