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Autumn Olive Flower Essence .5 oz stock
  • Autumn Olive Flower Essence .5 oz stock

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    Introducing our transformative Autumn Olive Flower Essence—an elixir imbued with the resilience of nature, designed to guide you through uncharted territories and moments of transition. As you explore the Emotional, Spiritual, and Energetic properties, discover how this essence becomes a steadfast companion during periods of change.


    Emotional Properties: Autumn Olive Essence is your source of inner strength when venturing into new realms. Consider those embarking on a journey into the job market after a hiatus; this essence instills confidence and courage, banishing feelings of overwhelm and intimidation. It brings peace, protection, and healing to ease the transition from uncertainty to self-assuredness.


    Spiritual Properties: Embrace the essence's ability to harmonize with the spiritual aspects of your journey. Like the night giving way to day, Autumn Olive Essence supports your movement from the unknown to the known. It symbolizes the transition from dark to light, womb to birth, rest to action, and dream to manifestation—guiding you with grace and assurance.


    Energetic Properties: Feel the vibrational energy of Autumn Olive Essence infusing you with newfound strength and confidence. It acts as a beacon of support during pivotal moments, allowing you to navigate challenges with resilience and a sense of calm assurance.


    Assistance Offered: Autumn Olive Essence becomes a trusted ally for those embracing new beginnings, such as entering or reentering the job market. It offers a sense of peace, protection, and healing, ensuring you face the unknown with inner strength and the belief that you are more than capable of the task at hand.


    Indications for Use: During pivotal astrological moments, especially the Autumnal Equinox, Autumn Olive Essence resonates profoundly. As darkness begins to overshadow the light, mirroring the unknown overpowering the familiar, this essence becomes a guiding light. Utilize it during the Dark Moon for insightful reflections and enhanced connection to the essence's transformative energies.



    • Element: Earth
    • Chakra: Root Chakra
    • Color: Deep Earthy Tones


    Embark on a journey of self-discovery and resilience with Autumn Olive Essence. Let it be your companion during transitions, infusing your being with strength, confidence, and a harmonious connection to the transformative energies of autumn.


    Information and Meditation card is included with your bottle to help you connect with the essence and work with it on a deeper level.


    Flower essences are liquid, vibrational remedies that work on the energetic body to bring your whole being back into balance. Flower essences ARE NOT essential oils. and not about SCENT. 


    Legal: The law requires that metaphysical/paranormal items are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this item. We are not liable for misuse of this item, nor any activity or occurrence that may or may not occur in connection with this item. All sales are final! Sold as a dietary supplement. The FDA has not evaluated this product. Sold as a curio.

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