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Strawberry Full Moon Concert Zoom 6/21/24 7pm EST

Jun 21, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024

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Step into the Juicy and Magical Wonderland of the Full Strawberry Super Moon in Sagittarius! On June 21st, 2024, join us to awaken your inner child and ignite your sense of wonder. Immerse yourself in a magical landscape where vibrant strawberries glisten under the moonlight. Let their sweet, juicy energy sweep you away. Gather under the celestial energy as Color Crystal Sound Bowls serenade us, blending with the mystical energy of the Full Strawberry Super Moon, flowers, essences and aromatherapy. Feel the transformative vibrations resonate deep within. Embrace the spirit of Sagittarius, unlocking a world of imagination and limitless possibilities. Set your sights on magical horizons and let your dreams soar. Celebrate June's treasures. Roses weave romance with velvety petals, while shimmering pearls add elegance. Combined with the juicy energy of strawberries, a spellbinding symphony of flavors transports you to a realm of possibilities. Join us for astral dancing under the Full Strawberry Super Moon's magical energy. Secure your spot to unleash your inner child, dance under moonlight, and indulge in the enchanting vibes. Savor the celestial Strawberry Lunar Elixir, igniting your spirit, awakening your senses as you are charged and balanced. Guiding us is Stacey Smith, founder of The Healing Power of Flowers Center and the Tao of Sleep Institute. Her playful spirit and boundless wisdom will transport us to a world where dreams come true. Experience the magic!

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