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Messages From The Grove Under A Worm Moon 3/25/24 630pm EST

Mar 25, 2024 - Mar 25, 2024

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🌕Messages from the Grove: Full Worm Moon Magic🌕 Immerse yourself in the profound energies of the ancient Celtic Tree Groves under the enchanting Full Worm Moon. This transcendent experience is a sacred journey, a celestial prologue to reinforcing those New Year Goals and sacred energies of this month. 🌿Journey Highlights Venture into a 3 to 3.5-hour odyssey within the Sacred Celtic Grove. This meditative exploration delves beyond the surface, connecting you to the timeless wisdom and spiritual resonance echoing through ancient trees. 🌙Group Messages In this mystical sojourn, The Rose Goddess Oracle, Rev. Stacey Smith, channels collective messages. Guided by the Collective of 3,000 ascended beings, her intuitive mastery unveils a path illuminated by ancient whispers, offering insights crucial for the collective soul. ✨Personalized Guidance Each participant is granted 10-15 minutes of personalized attention, navigating their unique spiritual landscape. Aura Bob, a diviner of the Akashic Records, joins this cosmic symphony, weaving bespoke messages through his guides and guardian angel. 🌌The Power of Limitation To preserve the sanctity of this experience, tickets are limited to 10 participants. Within this intimate setting, cosmic energies align with individual vibrations, creating an atmosphere where clarity and guidance flow seamlessly; keep circle to 3-3.5 hours. 🔮Your Guides: 🌹Rev. Stacey Smith, HP.s A diviner, channeler, medium, and healer for 25+ years, High Priestess Stacey delves into the Celtic Ogham's magic. Her connection with ancient tree energy and the Collective of 3,000 ascended beings opens a gateway to transformative journeys. 💫Rev. Robert Menard, P. Priest of the goddess, Bob, masterfully interprets Tarot, Oracle cards, pendulum, and the Akashic Records. His mystical approach creates a rich tapestry of insight, offering profound clarity to seekers. 🌕Seize this unique opportunity under the Full Worm Moon. Call or Text 603-275-7688 for help.

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