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Portrait in the style of light painting. Long exposure photo, abstract portrait ,sound wav

Our Healing Sound Garden TM   

  • SoundbedTM Sessions (with and without Flora puncture)

  • Full Moon Colored Crystal Bowl Concerts with Flowers, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy

  • Handpan, Tongue Drum and Gong Sound Healing Concerts

  • Private Crystal bowl and Gong Concerts

  • Aura & Chakra Clearing and Balancing with Flower Essences and Tuning Forks

  • Sono puncture

Sound waves in the dark_edited.jpg

Book Your Free Trial Session NOW
Our "Zen Den2" is now open!

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Discover the Magic of Pure Sonic Bliss

Since 2019, we've eagerly awaited the arrival of our revolutionary SoundBed™.  It just arrived spring of 2024! Now, we're thrilled to unveil it in our brand-new "Zen Den2" space in our center, the ultimate sanctuary for healing and tranquility.  In keeping with our high standards and use of "cutting-edge" technology, we waited to bring you what we consider to be the BEST IMMERSIVE healing experience!

Unparalleled Vibroacoustic Technology

Step into a world where sound transcends the ordinary. Our ne SoundBed™ features the most advanced vibroacoustic technology available, designed to immerse you in pure sonic bliss.

Feel the Sound

Experience the sensation of sound like never before. With five zones of vibration, our SoundBed™ offers a symphony of sensations, from the gentle patter of soothing rain to the powerful rumble of thunderous bass. Specially crafted speakers send waves of vibration through your body, harmonizing your mind and spirit.

Designed by a Visionary

Renowned Swiss designer Yves Béhar has crafted a stylish and functional masterpiece that houses this state-of-the-art sound healing instrument.


Intelligent Design

Our SoundBed™ features patent-pending technology that creates a customizable, multi-sensory immersive experience tailored to your needs.


Immersive Sound Healing Content

Exclusively curated for the SoundBed™, our sound healing library includes a variety of original content: frequency healing, guided meditations, brainwaves, breathwork, and immersive remixes of your favorite music. Discover a new way to feel music.


Affordable, Cutting-Edge Healing

We have long sought the perfect SoundBed™ technology to offer an affordable alternative to private hands-on sessions. Now, you can experience top-tier sound healing combined with our cutting-edge Soqi Spa equipment and Flower Essences, all at accessible rates.


Diverse Audio Journeys

Our SoundBed™ channels a wide range of frequencies to provide diverse audio journeys. Each session integrates different frequencies, isochronic tones, and aligns with various body energies and brainwave states. Feel the deep vibrations and full spectrum of audible frequencies through both the bed and headphones.


Expert Collaboration

We are grateful for the on going work of the SoundBed™ designer and support team collaborates with leading audio and vibroacoustic engineers, sound healers, and expert guides in the "music as medicine" field. Each piece of content is optimized for emotional fitness, focusing on three pillars: restore (heal), shift (elevate), and create (attract).


We are committed to providing a safe, powerful, and optimal experience. With ongoing updates and new releases, your sound healing and wellness rituals will continually evolve.

Elevate Your Wellbeing

Join us in our NEW "Zen Den2" and immerse yourself in the ultimate healing experience. De-stress, recharge, and maintain balance with regular sessions on our extraordinary SoundBed™. Your journey to pure sonic bliss begins here.​​

Aura & Chakra Monitors

  • Chakra Energy Level

  • Aura Power- aura field radius

  • Yin\Yang Color Wheel - balance

  • Aura Wave - energy harmony

  • Energy Level - physical, mental,

        emotional, spiritual frequency

How Does Our Aura Machine Work?


1. Biofeedback Reading – A biosensor measures skin temperature and electro-dermal activity (electrical energy) as biofeedback data. Just touch your hand on the sensor!


2. Displays on Screen – displays data as 3D full-body aura images, detailed graphs and charts.  Aura snapshot photos.


3. Data Translated – Each aura image is a personal representation of the individual’s bio-energetic field and unique life-data. It portrays their emotional energy, personality type, and overall wellness statistics.


4. Before and After—Real Time—We can show you real-time how something is helping or hurting you, see how a particular therapy or supplement may make your energy stronger or weaker.


5. Progress Imaging—We can use the technology as a tool to show you how energetically you are improving, monitor your progress with energetic and visual feedback.

Screen shot of the clients live view
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Some of the many positive health benefits:


  • Provide instant easy to understand information on human-energy levels.


  • Biofeedback sensors are extremely sensitive to the slightest changes in bodily calmness.


  • Create personalized regiments based on detailed energy readings.


  • Monitor internal or externally stressed energy channels.


  • Compare aura and chakra readings side-by-side and energy profiles track over time.


  • Learn to regulate bodily functions, such as breathing rate and muscle contractions.


  • Using before and after aura readings, ability to reveal imbalances and visually display harmonious health improvements.


  • Identify the signs of rising energy-stress, allowing you to address the issue before physical symptoms arise.


  • Can bring great relief and self-empowerment!


  • Frequently used in conjunction with alternative healing: Massage Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture, Energy Healing, & more

How often should you get your image done?
It is a good idea to keep an eye on your energy body.  Once a year is a good marker.  If you feel something is happening you may wish to have it done sooner.
As we grow spiritually, your aura energy will shift and as you do.
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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

What does Your Aura

Say about you?

Aura and Chakra

Tibetan singing bowl in sound therapy.jpg

Innovative aura imaging technology visualizes and validates the essence of human energy. We integrate scientific data with the latest technology to provide illustrated insight beyond the basic understanding of the physical body.

Every color has its unique qualities and purposes. Imagine a color wheel. Each color is a location on the wheel. No color is better than another. Each has its inherent lessons, its positive and challenging traits.


The right side, picture left of the aura photo: Indicates one's expressive active or masculine side, the personality one projects outward and how other people see us. A hole may indicate a great and abrupt change of some sort.


The left side, picture right, of the aura photo: Indicates one's feminine, receptive or feeling side, the part of the personality that receives, feels, accepts, and imagines. The color in this position is also indicative of what one is creating for him/herself in the near future. and events.


The center of the aura photo, above the person's head:
Indicates what the person is experiencing in the present moment.

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The Handpan is traditional ethnic drum musical instrument with roses
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