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Full Buck Moon Deer
  • Buck Moon Flora Colored Crystal Bowl Journey 7/21/24

    SKU: Buckconcert072124

    Please note this registration is for the In Person attendance tickets!

    Concert is on Sunday 7/21/24 at 6:30 pm in our center for approximately 2-2.5 hours

    Installment options are available at check out, if you need that option.

    The Zoom attendance is available to register, look for the Zoom version under our "programs".


    Live In-person registration, Zoom attendance available using a different registration. (seating LIMITED) Welcome, dear souls, to a celestial gathering unlike any other!


    Prepare to immerse yourselves in the sublime melodies of the Flora Color Crystal Bowl Healing Sound Bath as we honor the Full Buck Moon.


    Feel the embrace of tranquility as we embark on a transformative journey during this multi sensory fusion live concert. Our sanctuary of sound will be enhanced by the harmonious resonance of our exquisite Color Crystal Sound Therapy bowls, Crystal Harp, Pyramid Gongs and other meticulously curated instruments, fused with essences handpicked for this sacred occasion. With great discernment, we have carefully selected each instrument, ensuring their perfect pitch resonates at the sublime frequency of 432 Hz, known for its harmonious and healing effects on the body.


    Should any concerns or difficulties arise, please feel free to reach out to us via call or text at 603-275-7688, and we shall be delighted to assist you.For those unable to partake in person or online, fret not!


    A divine recording of this enchanting concert shall be made available for purchase, allowing you to gracefully integrate it into your summer meditation rituals.


    What a beautiful way to infuse the essence of this event into your sacred practices.


    The investment for attending this celestial soirée is $30.

    Location: our wellness center 68 Stiles Road unit A, Salem, NH.



    In celebration of the Buck Moon Energy and the Celtic Holly Tree Cycle! 🌕🌳


    Join Us for a Magical Buck Moon Experience! 🌳🌕


    🌟 Harness the Power of the Buck Moon and the Celtic Holly Tree Cycle! 🌟 On this enchanting summer night, immerse yourself in the crystalline magic of a breathtaking journey.


    Unite with the spirits of plants, crystals, and majestic deer as we embrace the potent energy of the full moon!


    💫 Recharge, Harmonize, and Unleash Your Intentions under the Buck Moon! 💫 Whether you join us in person or via Zoom, this is your chance to revitalize your chakras and energy fields, while channeling the energy of the magnificent buck moon.


    Please note that there are two separate registration links—one for attending live and the other for joining online.


    📌 Secure Your Spot for In-Person Attendance Today! 📌But wait, there's more! On the night of the concert, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the July Lunar Elixir.


    Additionally, the Celtic Holly Tree Flower Essence is now available for order on our website, You can have it conveniently shipped to your doorstep or opt for office pick-up.🌳 Elevate Your Experience with Crystal-Charged Goodness!


    🌳Would you like your essence to be color crystal charged? Let us know in advance, and you can pick it up after the meditation or have it shipped directly to you. It's the perfect way to give yourself or a friend an extra boost during this Tree Cycle.


    🔒 Hurry, Registration Closes the Day Before the Event!

    Event takes place in our center 68 Stiles Rd UNIT #A, Salem,NH.


    🔒Indulge in an extraordinary sensory fusion live concert designed to relax, refresh, and renew your mind, body, and spirit. Immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of our expertly selected Color Crystal Sound Therapy bowls and instruments.


    We pride ourselves in offering only perfect pitch instruments tuned to the heart frequency of 432 Hz, which promotes healing and harmony.


    ⭐ Limited Seating—Act Fast to Secure Your Spot! ⭐In Person registration is limited to a maximum of 9 attendees for in-person attendance. We have high-powered filtration systems running at all times in our center.

    🌟 Your Well-being is Our Priority!


    🌟 ✨ Unique Seating Options for Your Comfort! ✨ If you prefer to lay on the floor instead of a chair, we have room for two attendees on the floor. Please bring your own blanket if you think you'll want one. We also leave outside shoes at the door.


    🌙 Embrace the Summer Season's Full Moon Energy!


    🌙Experience a magical evening filled with radiant light and immerse yourself in the abundant energies of the full moon.


    Join us to cultivate a heart-centered, uplifting, and healing connection with yourself, others, and the world.


    📝 Pre-Registration is Essential!


    📝As Stacey will be performing the concert, we kindly request that you register in advance. To ensure a seamless experience for all, we cannot accept any payments or registrations within 4 hours of the concert.


    Guiding us and performing the concert is Rev. Stacey Smith, founder of The Healing Power of Flowers Center and the Tao of Sleep Institute. Her playful spirit and boundless wisdom will transport us to a world where dreams come true.


    Experience the magic!🎧 Can't Attend?

    Don't Miss Out—Get the Recording!


    We eagerly anticipate your presence and look forward to co-creating a magical and transformative experience together. You are welcome to bring socks or slippers for your comfort during the event if you desire.


    As a courtesy to those who prefer to lie on the floor, we kindly request that outside shoes be left at the door. Feel free to bring a mat or blanket if you wish to create a cozy space for yourself. While it is not mandatory, we highly recommend choosing a seated position for this transformative journey, as it enhances the depth and effectiveness of the experience.


    This unique design has been carefully crafted to provide an exceptional experience. Additionally, we suggest having a notebook and pen on hand to capture any valuable insights that may arise during the journey.


    Buck moon circle and concert will be presided over by Stacey Smith, the remarkable founder of The Healing Power of Flowers Center and the Tao of Sleep Institute. Stacey is not only a gifted sound therapist, healer, Hypnotist and Master Flower Essences practitioner but also a revered High Priestess.


    Pre-registration is required. If you need to reach us, you may call or text 603-275-7688. All levels of abilities are welcome.


    Legal: The law requires that metaphysical/paranormal items are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this item. We are not liable for misuse of this item, nor any activity or occurrence that may or may not occur in connection with this item. All sales are final.

    • Policies and Product information

      All sales are FINAL! Due to the energetic and consumable nature of the products we are unable to accept returns.  

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