Brown (Earth Star) Quantum Balancing Crystal
  • Brown (Earth Star) Quantum Balancing Crystal


    Brown-Earth Star Chakra


    This Collectors Limited Edition Quantum Balancing Crystal is A CUSTOM ORDER.  As It is only availble in small quantities and only in the mini size which is 3/4 the size of the Large pendant.  It is only available as a pendant at this current time.

    It works with your Earth Star Chakra below your feet.  It works to harmonize you and balance you with those vibrations.  In such turbulent and uncertain times this can be profoundly grounding.

    Available for walkup window pickup or shipping.


    Made of the same plant-based crystalline resin as our pendants, our Vortex Cones contain a spiral copper wire that directs the energy out of the tip of the cone. The energy passes through a hand picked Atlantean Lemurian Recorder Quartz Crystal. There are many different ways to use the cones. Some are using them to create a coherent energy field of peace in their homes or property by placing a cone in each of the 4