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Happy 2015 Our First Round of Updates are in!
Welcome Friends and Clients


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Happy 2015 Our First Round of Updates are in!

A  most happy new year my lovelies!
Wishing you a most spectacular adventure ahead of you!

I'm so excited for the year ahead for us and for all of you.  It truly has infinite possibilities.

There's are soooooo many delicious changes and upgrades we are making so stay tuned!

This year our focus for ourselves and our clients is HEALTH,  a happier healthier year for all.  We're giving the wheat belly program from what I gather it's similar to the paleo program...

Welcome Friends and Clients

Welcome to The Healing Power of Flowers - Heaven and Earth Blog
I want to welcome you to the site and am looking forward to sharing all of the new and exciting events and developments that are coming up over the summer.  Most especially the Flower Essences.  I believe it is a perfect marriage for the different healing modalities and business ventures that are currently in the works.  I'm so excited to be able to share with you the best of my past training, my current undertakings and the future endeavors that are in the works.
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