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Our Workshops:
All workshops are in Our Office (68 Stiles Rd Unit#A Salem,NH 03079) unless otherwise noted.

The full listing of classes and workshops are on our event page on our Facebook Page.  Please check there for all current dates, additions or changes.
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NOTICE: We will be shifting some of our events and workshop notifications for our wellness center members to the private group on facebook and in email.  
So you will need to message us or request to join the group or become a center member for some of our member exclusive events, classes and workshops.

Facebook is where we post all classes, fairs and events!

New for 2018
We are doing events and workshops at Brookside Farms
8 Mammoth RD, Pelham, NH

June Events: (please note event page and registration links are on Facebook)

The following is just a few highlights of Workshops, Classes and Meditations.  Full Listing and Updates, changes and additions are all on the Facebook Events Page.  Always check there first.  Registration links for events are all posted on the individual event pages.

Celtic Tree Calendar Art Night and Flower Essences Monthly Meditation with Stacey Smith

Spirit Guides and Animal Guides- Intuitive Development Night

Grounding, Protection and Psychic Shielding

Intro to & Intermediate Learning Stone Reading with Terry Milton (The Stone Lady)

Psychometry with Terry Milton the Stone Lady

Sexy Inner Goddess Meditation and Intuitive Development Night

- Lyme Disease & More... With Soqi Spa Experience

Join Stacey Smith and Robert Menard as they educate us on simple and natural ways to heal and Prevent a wide variety of summer ailments as well as focusing on Lyme Disease. Add this to your summer toolbox!  Soqi Spa Equipment is an integral part of a Lyme protocol and in a general wellness program. 
You will have the opportunity to experience at least one of the spa treatments and possibly more, time permitting.

Please RSVP so we can plan on enough supplies and timing for everyone.

Robert Menard is a Practitioner of: Quantum Healing light Practitioner, Reiki, Shamballa, and Arcturian Healing Light III.  He is a Psychic Medium and Akashic Record Reader. He has studies with the Association for Research and Enlightenment and Sylva Mind Institute.  3D Aura Photographer & Chakra Videographer and specializes in the Soqi Spa System.
Stacey Smith is a Flower Essence Practitioner (specializing in Lyme Disease), & Quantum Healing Light Practitioner, Arcturian Healing Light III Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher & NLP Practitioner. She held the mind-body position on the Wellness Board at a Hospital near Boston for more than four years.  She was an original founding member of the Integrative Medicine Alliance.  She is a Psychic Medium.  She has been studying with the Association for Research and Enlightenment for more than 25 years.  She has been using her gifts in different capacities since 1995.

Tibetan Arcturian Flower Essences Frequency Healing Meditation

Stacey was guided by Ascended Master D.K. and a Benevolent Buddhist Deity to create this fabulous meditation evening. Stacey and Bob will be Energetic Facilitators guiding you through a very unique experience. 

These meditations work on very subtle energetic planes.  They are powerful but it may require extra attention to detect all of them.

We'll be taking 3 different meditations using flower essences from Hawaii and around the world; while we're bathed in Tibetan Healing music predominately music from a Nobel Peace Prize winner and infused with Arcturian Light Healing energy using and energetic bridge. 

Meditation one -a healing & protection meditation to align us and put us in the right space for our evening. 

Meditation two will be a blend of Earth & Arcturian dolphin blessing frequency.  This should help reinforce joy, love, rest and playfulness.  As this integrates it should help recalibrate your system towards greater health and well-being.

Meditation three will be a blend of Earth & Arcturian whale healing frequency.  We will be bathed in a loving healing frequency to give us extra strength and support during this time when old systems are collapsing and new ones are emerging.  This could help personally and collectively in the patterns that affect our evolution.

These meditations should help gently anchor a deep loving healing integrative energetic experience.  You are welcome to bring a pillow and/or a yoga mat & water if you like.  You're welcome to lay down for the meditations, space permitting.

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