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It's all about the pampering!  You can't reglect the body any more than the soul.  A lot of our spa products are great for both.  We've got buffet of decedent things to invigorate and tantilize the senses, soothe the mind body and soul.  
Based on customer request we have had Lavender bath/shower gel made.  Very popular with mom's needing to get the kids to sleep.
Migraine masks....(we need we say more) a renewable natural way to help combat your migraine.  Most come in a funky tie died print.
We have custom blended aromatherapy hot/cold packs (renewable) as well as fragrance free puppy/kitty hot packs.  We're always thinking of your four legged friends.
Come check out our magnetic therapeutic jewelry! Makes awesome gifts!  Comes with their own acupressure point direction charts to show you exactly where to place the rings or bracelets to help with weight loss, headaches, insomnia and so much more.
Come buy a set at a show and save on shipping and get a special show sale!
Our microwaveable stuffed animals are also very popular with kids and adults of all ages!
Our massage candles are great for meditiation or ambiance, massage and aromatherapy.  Massage therapists love the Lavender candles with many of their clients.  Natural Soybased candles get warm enough to feel great but not hot enough to burn and the wax becomes a wonderful healing vitamin E enriched lotion that gets absorbed into the skin.  If you are a massage therapist and is interested in a professional bulk discount, please contact us.
We are always adding things to our product line.  Many of which all of you have suggested or requested over our last 14 years.  Keep in touch with us and check back often. 
Something for the Body and Soul!
Something for the Body and Soul!
For our long standing clients, YUP you can still get your Spa Essentials from us! We are still carrying your Silky Sheets, Treasure of the Sea, Massage Candles, Body Dew, Pure Instinct, Body Wash and More.
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