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Each Month will be designated to a specific color that relates to the centers in our energy field.  We will explore the information and "Messages in Color" by attuning and aligning ourselves with their intentions and energy each month.

qbc chakra energy Points

What are QBCs?

Quantum Balance Crystals (QBCs) are skillfully hand crafted with love in the mountains of Eastern USA. Each QBC has hundreds of thousands of nano-scale quartz crystals that are invisible to the naked eye, and larger decorative but highly energetic crystals, embedded in a high-grade natural resin. The dyes are plant based and the color energy positively influences the balancing of the body’s energy centers, or chakras.

The entire crystal is infused with beneficial and specific frequencies, which optimize the health and vital energy of all living beings including plants and animals. One of the frequencies infused is the acclaimed frequency of Love resonating at 528 Hz, along with other ancient Solfeggio Tones commonly used in healing and meditation practices.

People who wear a QBC experience a process called Exponential Transforma-tional Centering (ETC) that is characterized by an amazing feeling of calmness and being grounded. Some of the many benefits of ETC that have been reported are improved balance, performance, strength, endurance, focus, clarity, better sleep, vitality, and an increased overall sense of well-being. When worn consistently, the wearer effortlessly enjoys an expansion and stabilization of these benefits.

January showcased energy center is
The Root Chakra - Red

qbc red description

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qbc red sacral crystal sale

Red is the color that resonates with the root chakra - the 1st energy center located closest to the earth. It draws it's power from the earth, giving vibrant energy to all levels of the energetic body. Everything that is manifested has the life force energy of the color red.   This center is responsible for building a strong foundation and creating a sense of feeling safe and at home in the physical body. It is here in this vortex where all feelings and thoughts of lack and limitations are released and dissolved into light. Prosperity begins flowing naturally and moving passionately on purpose. We are prosperity in every form and wearing the red QBC connects us to this truth.
Visualizing Red Energy

qbc red sunset meditiation

Breathe in the color red... breathe through your entire body... slowly search through yourself...single out the energy vibrating from the root of your spine... breathe red deeper... deeper... even deeper... red is filling up every space... create and expand making even more space... breathe red into the deepest and darkest places... allow red to generously flow... filling up this energy center... until it is all red... be with the red until it brightens, begins to pulsate and becomes alive. 
Visualize a red brick road with beautiful large red roses on each side... this is the road of prosperity... red energy is everywhere on this red brick road... red energy lifts you... carries you as you begin to walk down this road...experience the richness... smell the sweetness of the red roses... feel how safe, peaceful and supported you are... as you are traveling down this road... you realize that this road is taking you on a journey... a place of the unknown...a place not yet traveled... as you are walking and enjoying the stroll... a magnificent radiant sacred space appears... it is here where you stop... to see yourself building a strong foundation... a prosperous foundation that you can call home... a place of comfort that you can always return to... a place of safety that you can stand on... a willingness of living life with a purpose... now watch as red roots grow into earth...out of the bottom of your feet... grounding and planting your foundation securely... feel the connection that you are to all that is... be with the vitality of this energy as the roots grow even deeper into the soil connecting you to all.
qbc red Sacral cone 

I live life with passion and purpose
Red is my money magnet
I am rooted and grounded in the richness of life
Prosperity is everywhere
I am being fully supported by the Universe now

RED Vortex Cone
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Intentions: Passion,Purpose, Physical  Vitality, Foundation, and Action. All are radiated throughout your environment with this beautiful red cone.
Prosperity is everywhere!

QBC steve red featuring his crystals

Steve is soaking up red energy to the fullest!  

"I use the Red Pendant as a tool for awakening a more concentrated and sustainable resonance of prosperity within me. My red QBC pendant is a resonance tool. I intentionally use it for activating and optimizing my unification in prosperity."

- Steve Dominguez
  Absolute Best Care

February showcased energy center is The Sacral Chakra - Orange

qbc orange description

Special Savings on "Orange Crystal" thru 3/1/19

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orange crystal specialJoin us as we celebrate the Orange "I Feel" crystal.  One of the main areas of Orange resonance is the optimization of our relationships, and some of that focus is on the perfect companion relationship that Valentine's Day represents.  Finding the perfect soul mate happens after you step into your own presence and really feel your own essence. This is an invitation to invite your beloved to show up and be revealed. He or she is then divinely guided to your magnificence and a deep knowing speaks to you that he or she is the one. For those of you who already have found your beloved; wearing the orange crystal can be a tool to help deepen the connection and feel the joy and trust that is present. 

Orange resonates with the sacral chakra where feelings of being loved and nurtured reside.  Healthy relationships are joyfully brought together and curiosities awaken within this vortex.  This is the center where all addictions, dependency and neediness disappear into light.  Orange dynamics aid in opening and shifting energy that no longer serves.  Awareness of being your own soul mate is powerful and learning to relate to all humanity develops naturally and effortlessly.  It is here where feelings of deep love and connections emerge and are felt.
Visualizing Orange Energy

Orange sunset for sacral month

Breathe in the color orange... Focus your breathe into your Sacral Chakra... Concentrating on your lower abdomen...... Breathe deeper... deeper... even deeper... Visualize orange saturating your skin and all space within... Expand this space with your breathe... Allow even more of this energy to flow... Breathe in sunrise orange... Smell, touch and taste its sweet orange ecstasy... Feel orange electrolyte your life and see the creative juices explode...

 Allow orange energy to take you on a journey... Open up and see yourself brilliantly in love, yet, not knowing the specifics of how it happens... Envision and feel, "true love finding its fulfillment in your life"...Observe healthy relationships that bring the gift of expansive happiness, joy and full presence into fuller light...Your Sacral Chakra is transmitting your feeling tone of love to life everywhere at once, so be wise in what you broadcast...Remember the emergence and manifestation of love erupts and surprises us when least expected... Spirit leads in simple, gentle, knowing nudges... Realize you are the one that you have always been looking for.... You are your own soul mate and your greatest lover... Relax and breathe in this truth...Receive this new gift of affection and love for yourself ... Share it... Feel it... Indulge in its romance... Nurture its new loving presence... Trust the universe to reflect back to you in magical ways your own internal love affair with life.  

orange qbc cone

Orange Affirmations

"I feel love and joy"
"All my relationships are nurturing and fulfilling"
"I am my own soul mate" 
"I am full of creativity and it shows"

Relationships, Curiosity, Creativity, Trust, Joy, Confidence All are transmitted
and amplified throughout your environment
with this beautiful orange cone.                                Orange Vortex Cone
My relationships are joyful!                                     also 20% off til 3/1/17

qbc tlc featuring orange qbc crystals

Wear Orange!

QBC creator TLC wearing orange
in a most fun way!


Environmental Vortex Cones

Quantum Balancing Crystals cones

Made of the same plant-based crystalline resin as our pendants, our Vortex Cones contain a spiral copper wire that directs the energy out of the tip of the cone.  The energy passes through a hand picked Atlantean Lemurian Recorder quartz crystal.

There are many different ways to use the cones. Some are using them to create a coherent energy field of peace in their homes or property by placing a cone in each of the 4 corners. Others are using them for trigger point massage therapy. Cones can be used in the car, meditation, offices, refrigerators, electronics, etc. Place a cone under your bed or on the end tables in your bedroom and a harmonic resonance field will be created for sleep.
All of QBCs (Quantum Balancing Crystal) products harmonize disruptive EMFs and are used for electro-pollution sensitivity.

      QBC Collection Set

Quantum Balancing Crystal Collection
We now offer our QBC Collection set in a new white wooden box! Each crystal is individually packaged in its own square container and makes the perfect gift. 

trinity Quantum Balancing Crystal Necklaces

What is a QBC Trinity?

A QBC Trinity is a recipe for the soul! Each QBC color is an ingredient we feed into our personal field to harmonize energy to manifest balance and stability. Choose your 3 ingredients today! 

Call or email us today to have YOUR custom Trinity necklace made for you!

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