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Who Do You Know That Needs Us?

You or Someone you know….
  •  Looking for guidance or  Insight

  • Looking to connect with a loved one that has passed

  • Looking for a fun party with your friends

  •  Looking for an Edge in Business

  •  Struggling with an Issue,  Looking to get “Unstuck”

  •  Wanting to achieve a goal

native child angel intuitive work

Intuitive Services
and Coaching

  • Private Psychic Intuitive or Mediumship Readings or singular coaching sessions $40/20 min, $70/30 min., $135/hr.  (Personal, Family, or Business) (Reduced rates at Office Monthly Spa Events)

  • Phone or Skype Readings 25% off our regular rate

  • Email Readings $30 for 3 questions, $50 for 5 questions
  •  Psychic Parties $35/20min, 6 guest min. Combo prices for psychic readings and Aura Photo
  • Aura Photo and Chakra Imaging Parties 6 guest min.
  • Voyager Intuitive Coaching –Using Voyager Tarot as a guide through a specific issue or to help you achieve a particular goal.  3 Session minimum.   4-6 sessions are $10 off/session  6-10 session are  $15 off/session. Group Coaching Rates available.  

  •  Distance Readings and coaching are available by phone, email and SKYPE

  •  Fundraisers for charities.

  •  Business Consulting –Intuitive coaching, professional organizing, essences work, peak performance and cash flow consulting—great for small business owners to corporations.

  • Manifestation Work—Flower Essence Blends for Prosperity, Private sessions, workshops, Research & Support Group, Private Sessions

native smudging and paranormal work

Stacey's  Herbal Runes –In Addition to her own Heaven and Earth Readings, Rev. Priestess Stacey Cabot Smith is now available for readings with an additional divination system of her own Herbal Runes which are a fusion of her background, intersectional craft and practices.

Divination Tools
& Techniques

stacey's assorted  reading table

Intuitive Psychic & Medium Readings – Help you connect with Loved ones passed or   Angels & Guides

Celtic ogham staves group pictureCeltic Tree Druid Divination – Acorns & Staves Fews - Using Acorns & Celtic Staves sacredly prepared by hand for powerful divination dating back to the ancient Celtic alphabet bases on sacred Druid trees and their symbols going back to the 3 century.  These connect to the energy & the wisdom that theses sacred trees hold for us; working in partnership with them to help provide guidance to your situations & questions, Divined messages to help you achieve your visions & dreams, creating success you desire.  Ancient tools, techniques & earth energies guide us in an empowered direction in a new millennium.

Universal Wisdom Oracle Readings -
Stacey's on the road purple reading tableDeeply personal experience, providing energetic support to help you awaken deeper aspects of your true self to courageously step into your life purpose.   Assisting you to empower your life, helping you connect with the Love, Joy and Wisdom held deep within your being.   Great if you have never had a reading before!  
There are NO Bad cards in the deck!

Sustain Yourself Tarot –
A more precise aspect to your answers to help you renew yourself for the New Success and apply the universal eco-principles to live Whole –Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.

Voyager Tarot -
Powerful Timeless symbolology & messages for the 21 century to help you achieve your visions and dreams, creating success you desire.  A guide to forecast, provide spiritual inspiration, navigate life, enhancing, business planning, relationship building and self-discovery.

Steampunk Tarot –
Insightful Tarot retooled to use a fusion of the world of man, machine, nature, technology, science, alchemy, romance, and fashion.  Providing guidance emphasizing utilizing what is around and within us and offering a glimpse of the future through a lens of the past.

Flowers From The Dead Oracle-Bone Cartomancy using archetypes and animal bone wisdom to bring forth new life from dead and dying situations.

Archangel Michael Cards –
Insight from the powerful nondenominational angel who provides protection and clear answers to your questions.

Andara Cards –
provide inspiration for how that particular Anadara monatomic crystal can assist you on your journey of self healing and awakening.
andara monoatomic crystalsGalactic Attuned Crystal Soul Frequency Readings - Insight channeled from the collective consciousness of these powerful sentient beings in a monatomic heliocentric crystalline form. These reading are a good go to if you don't know what your question is. Stacey is partnering her divination background with her skills as a Mystic Crystal practitioner and an Galactic Attuned Crystal Healing practitioner. 

andara chakra crystals
Heaven and Earth Reading - Stacey's own divination technique blending the Galactic Attuned Crystal readings with her acorns or staves ogham for an intertwined divined session.

stacey smith heaven and earth reading Andara Soul Readings
pendulum magick workshop

Divination using pendulums or dowsing rods.

psychometry red handsPsychometry-
Divination by touching an object related to a person/situation.

3D REAL Time Aura Photo & Chakra Imaging Equipment –
State of the art technology & one of only 13 on east coast!

aura bob photography
Aura Bob live session
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