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Flower Psychometry
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Flower Psychometry and Healing
One way to absorb the therapeutic properties of flowers is through what is known as flower psychometry.
 Psychometry means psychic touch whereby through your fingertips you acquire impressions psychically in images, words and feelings that can give you insight into the cause of your feeling ill or unhappy and ways of improving the situation.
flower pschometry feet
This psychic touch can also transmit the power of healing from the flower into your mind when you touch the stem, the leaves or the petals, to trigger your self-healing powers. Smelling the fragrance is another means of taking in healing from flowers.   The Vibration and energy of flowers are amazing and powerful.
laying smelling flowersYou are attracted to a particular flower because its energy pattern or unique blueprint (that we all have) will put back into harmony the energy vibrations within us that is out of synch. This dis-ease within us may be manifest as a physical symptom or negative feeling.  Flower power is a gift from Mother Earth and works if we allow ourselves to relax and instinctively choose a specific flower within a particular clump or flower bed without consciously making the selection.
Choosing the flower we need for healing
flower pschometry bathWe can be partly guided to certain kinds of flower by the colour (see below). Each colour carries within it healing powers that related to aspects of the body and mind and is particular easily released by the living flower.
orchid essence
  • You may find it helpful to plant different colored flowers in pots on a balcony or sheltered area of your garden., so that if you do not have time to search for a specific flower or if you have a recurring problems, you always have access to a flower that will help. The more you use these personal flowers, as long as you care for them, the more effective they become and while they die you can plant the bulbs or seed of the next generation of healers.
crystals and aura
  • If you are uncertain which flower you need at any time, hold your crystal or stone pendulum over several different kinds and colours and where it tugs downwards is the one that best will offer healing.
  • Work in sunlight if possible or moonlight for flowers of the night such as jasmine or night stocks.
mind body spirit yin
Healing colors
You can also use this color guide when you are choosing flowers, crystals, or candles for healing.
White  promotes healing of body, mind and spirit at all levels; white light is a natural pain reliever, increasing and then maintaining energy levels and relieving depression and inertia. It helps bone and tooth maintenance. It dispels negativity from the body’s energy field.
red rose for flower essences from our gardenRed  stimulates the entire system, instantly boosting energy levels and kick starting a sluggish immune system. Red is linked to reproduction and fertility and relieves menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction especially impotence.
Orange  is a gentle energiser, soothing aching limbs, boosting a weak pulse rate, relieving gall bladder and kidney problems, menstrual and muscle cramps, allergies and lifts exhaustion. Orange is also used to strengthen the immune system.
Yellow  stimulates the nervous system but also calms the digestive system and eases eczema and skin problems; it promotes a healthy metabolism; reduces anxiety and stress-related ailments that may affect the digestive system adversely. It balances emotions and strengthens you if you are over-sensitive.
blue spa essenceGreenery or flowers with unopened buds
strengthens the heart, lungs and respiratory system and helps to fight infections and viruses, It also counters panic attacks and addictions; good also for the re-growth of tissue and cells.
Blue  is a natural antiseptic, soothing and cooling, lower blood pressure and slowing a racing pulse. It relieves headaches and migraines, eye strain, earache and sore throats.
Purple  is especially potent for healing the spirit, banishing what lies in the past. An all-healer, purple relieves allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, eye, ear, nose and skin problems and migraines and is a natural sedative. It eases neuroses and obsessions and can aid in childbirth.
purple peony magical essences
Pink  brings relief from ear and gland problems, head pains and psychosomatic illnesses, as well as all disorders relating to children and babies. It is especially good for adolescent girls ,pregnant and menopausal women.
Brown  absorbs pain and sorrow, increases physical energy and primal strength, relieves disorders connected with feet, he legs, the hands, the skeleton, all back pain and also the large intestine.
Healing Flowers
making botanicals
Spend time with a variety of flowers you will instinctively find some more soothing than others for particular conditions. If you make notes you will probably find you identified a flower by instinct whose known medicinal properties matched your need.  We'll be happy to help you finding the right healing flowers for you.
gloriosa lily from our gardens for essences
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