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Flower Essences
dragon fly lotus release the magic within
We are happy to now be offering Flower Essences for People and Pets! 
As many of you know I have been working with Flowers for more than 20 years in varied capacities not limited to but including: Novelty sales, Ichibana Design, Custom Floral Work, Weddings, Funerals, Creating special and Memorable moments in peoples lives with flower.  
lavender bottlesI was very blessed to be a part of people's lives in some many ways.... from couples first meeting to Valentine's Day, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birth of Children, Birthday's, Thank You's, and the list is endless....
Over the Years I added custom in house blended and made potpourri and aromatherapies.
Now, here's a Bit of History and information we'd like to share with you to answer some of you questions about what are Flower Essences.
Flower Essences, Scanning and Our Private Consulting Services -We're now booking appointments.
eygptian fragranceFrom Ancient Egypt to Tibet, flowers have been used for healing. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the spirit or essence of the flower contained magical healing powers given by the deities and that their fragrances came from the gods so mortals might become more perfect by absorbing the scent.
Tibetan Buddhists sprinkle or sometimes immerse a patient in water in which flowers have been soaked.
flower essence makingIn the modern urban and technological world, many people do not have knowledge of local wildflowers that our ancestors possessed. However, we can now see flowers from all over the world in Botanical Gardens and obtain exotic blooms either produced in hot houses or flown across the world to flower shops in a matter of hours. 
fragrance elementsFlowers have always been associated with healing, both in their natural state, also as essential oils, as perfumes and as flower essences.
Flower essences are produced by extracting, it is said, the spiritual essence of the flower by floating it on pure water in sun and moonlight.
prep of mother tincture using sun method
Both Essential Oils and flower essences transmit the healing power of flowers in concentrated form though flower essences work on a and emotional and spiritual level.

Home grown Honeysuckle
Private Consultations and Essences Scanning - NOW AVAILABLE

Know someone with Lyme Disease

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Looking forward to helping you with your varied
floral needs.
24K Gold Dipped Real Preserved Rose
We are Still Carrying the 24K Gold Dipped and Silver Dipped Real Roses as well as an extensive collection of other Flower and Nature Based Preserved Gifts and Jewelry.
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