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Alpaca childrens clothing, baby blankets
(pictured above - Girl's Alpaca Ski Sweater from Peru, Infinity hand-made by us baby Alpaca scarf, and one of our adorable Pocket Teddies)
We carry a wide range of Alpaca based clothing, Slippers and Blankets to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.
Our baby Alpaca (their first sheering) baby blankets (a great christening gift) and our Lap blankets are made in house with the yarn made by hand in Peru by the Inca from the Baby Alpaca hair.
Some of our most popular products are shown below.
Please contact us for more information on products, current promotions and custom options as well as sizing and availability. 
If you are thinking an Alpaca product may be the perfect gift for a friend, loved one or you, don't wait until the holidays to contact us.  A lot of our most popular sizes and colors are sold out completely before November. 
A lot of the products are hand made in Peru and need time to arrive.  If there's something special you'd like, let us help you ahead of time to get exactly what you want.
The Alpaca Slippers and Socks are extremely popular Gifts for men that we tend to sell out on way ahead for Father's Day and Christmas.  Don't let that deter you, we may actual still have some in stock. 
Don't forget to visit us at some of our Events, Shows and Expos, frequently you can find a sale or something new we are introducing there!
Alpaca Socks, Scarves and Blankets!
Alpaca Socks, Scarves and Blankets!
We carry a wide range of Alpaca socks including Therapeutic Socks (with copper fibers in the yarn), Socks for the golfers (very popular), Socks for the runners and extreme sport athletes (helps keep their feet the right temperature and dry during their extreme activities.) We also carry stylish dress/casual socks for men and women that keep your feet the right temperature year round!
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