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 Healing Power Flowers - "Bringing You Balance with heaven and earth"
About Us

A Guiding Hand in your journey...
At The Healing Power Of Flowers Heaven and Earth our goal is to help guide our clients and customers through journey and create a special experience for them.  

Whether its bringing them a unique shopping/gift giving experience,
Guiding them on their healing of spiritual journey through Reiki, classes, products for the heart and soul.  We are also happy to assist you through challenges like Lyme Disease, Poison Ivy, Diabetes, etc,
Supporting them through helping people repair relationships with departed friends, relatives or pets through mediumship or psychic readings, or coaching for you in which you feel utterly renewed. 

Our Metaphyscial Wellness Center is located at 68 Stiles rd Unit #A, Salem, NH 03079 by appointment only! 
Some evening appointments are available as well as evening and weekend Parties. Event and Private Consultation appointment slots.

email: hpofhae@gmail.com
Tel 603-275-7688 EST
68 Stiles RD Unit #A
Salem, NH

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